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Hi all

It has kindly been brought to my attention that there some confusion over votes etc.

Since I halted the last awards due to extreme personal circumstance, I was in reciept of a lot of voting ballots. Thank you all.

However, as you can apprieciate and understand, the personal event took precedence and I misplaced the paperwork etc. So after discussions with fellow Mod(s) it was decided that when I re-started the awards I would start from scratch with the voting.

So when I re-launched the awards this morning (27/9/11) I altered the T&C's to insert a sub section stating that all votes will be zeroed and reset to zero. However, please feel free to re-submit your original votes from the first time or a set of new ones all told seeing how all the wonderful models we are building are now at a more advanced stage. The choice is entirly yours.

Already there has been a healthy response to the votes - and a big thank you to all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep voting.
The prizes are real, bespoke and original as well. and I PROMISE two huge surprises during the voting and at the end as well.

As I said, i am sorry to have called a halt last time, however, these awards will run and be completed as per the orignal posting. The 'real life' issue is continuing but I wil promise you all this will be completed and some wonderful prizes are waiting to be sent of to you ASAP to all the lucky winners.

Thank you all for bearing with me whilst I re-organised my life and to get me to this point. Please join in with the spririt of this awards which are a way of getting us involved and evolve Marks forum to be one of the best.

So to summerise - ALL PAST VOTES ARE NULL AND VOID. its a whole new clean slate/playing field.

If you have any queries please PM me or any of the Moderators.


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