Christmas Competition Rules 2018

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Christmas Competition Rules 2018



Christmas Competition Rules 2018

Postby royjess » Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:46 pm

Here are the rules for this years Comp

The rules are:

1. The kits must have a max retail price of £20. Roy's decision as to whether a kit is eligible or not is final.
Note that this is RRP, not eBay or sale price. They can be any media. E.g. Plastic, wood, metal, resin, etc.

2. No aftermarket detail sets or accessories are allowed.
E.g. No brass etched detail sets, resin details sets etc. Etched and resin parts are OK if part of the kit, or indeed the whole kit, but not as an optional extra.
Aftermarket decal sets are allowed if you want to do an alternative colour scheme etc.

3. You can add extra details using common items such as wire, plasticard, wood, etc.

4. You can add a diorama if you wish, but it must be made exclusively from common items such as sand, sawdust, polystyrene foam, etc.
No commercial trees, oil drums, or jerry cans, light sabres, etc. Picture frames, cutting boards, coasters, etc. as the base are all allowed.
Take this rule as guidance rather than prescriptive as I'm sure you know the intent.

5. Judging will be decided by a poll, which will be open for 2 weeks after the end of the competition. The votes will be checked and verified before the winner is announced.

6. You must post a build diary, which can be as brief or as long as you like (though we enjoy reading build diaries !) but it should contain a photo of the box, parts laid out, some construction shots, and a shot of the finished model. Build diaries must be posted in this section.

7. The model should not be already started. You can start you model any time from now, and it must be finished by Thursday, 31st Jan 2019.

8. There will be a thread for finished models. Photos of the finished models must be uploaded to the forum by midnight (GMT) of Thursday, 31st Jan 2019.

9. You can enter more than one model if you wish, to a max of 3. One thread per build diary and only one model per thread.

10. Members must have been registered with the forum and have been reasonably active before the competition started to be eligible to enter or vote.

Jess and I announce that the Christmas competition 2018 in now officially open, please feel free to start your competition enter diaries.

Good Luck!

Roy and Jess :D
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