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hachette O Gauge mallard kit

Postby Kluger » Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:29 pm

I am on the 121st issue and wonder if we have any other builders who come across the idiosyncrasies that I have come across building this kit. Typically the people who put this together insist on stating, "when you have made that , put it to one side for later use". I have so many of those parts it looks like a scrap yard, and the instructions consistently insist on referring to something I made 3 MONTHS ago!
On one occasion the instructions stated to drill holes in places where it was impossible without dismantling some parts. Can you feel my frustration whilst I hit the keyboard!!!
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Re: hachette O Gauge mallard kit

Postby bird_d00 » Wed May 03, 2017 2:47 pm

Certainly have noticed this. I solved it by not building in issue order. Started with the tender chasis, and just keep skipping issues until the next mention of the tender, skip a few more and so on.

Now I've gone back to the beginning building the body, and had a horrible time this morning screwing the cab to the body. The instructions tell you to drill the holes 1.9mm and then screw together with the No. 2 size screws. Tried this and the head sheared clean off the first screw I tried - probably made of case hardened plasticine ! Apparently 1.9mm is the correct hole size for SHEET materials, but not for a thick mazak casting. Spent the whole morning drilling out the remains of the screw, then drilling out the castings to 2.1mm, which seemed to work fine. I didn't find any trace on the internet of anyone else having this problem though ?

Dave Bird
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