need parts 1 and 25 also engine please!!!

DeAg's flying scale model Spitfire.

need parts 1 and 25 also engine please!!!



need parts 1 and 25 also engine please!!!

Postby johnbrown91 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:16 pm

hi people, can anyon epoint me in the right direction, I need issue 1 and 25 also the spitfire engine if possible? i have tryed everyware! ebay has sold out of issue 1 and only have 25 which is great if i can get 1 and the engine! any help would be appreciated,


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Re: need parts 1 and 25 also engine please!!!

Postby Mark » Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:23 pm

The engine should be easy as that was an off the shelf item. I gather it was a LEO 46 but any RC aircraft engine of the same size or a little bigger should do. One of the RC forums recommends an OS 46 or Super Tiger 46 as a better alternative. You may need to make minor adaptions such as slightly adjusting the space of the engine bearers, but they should be pretty close anyway. Engines of the same capacity are fairly interchangeable. Different hole spacings, but generally the same physical size.

The Leo engine wasn't held in very high regard, but OS engines are excellent (or used to be when I used them, which was many years ago :oops: )

Can't help you with the other parts though.

As an aside, some of the forums have recommended upgrading the push rods for the elevator and aileron, and improving the aileron linkages too. I used to use either a bowden cable or birch pushrods with wire ends. Both worked fine, but try to keep the push rod as straight as possible. You shouldn't be able to flap the control surface about too much (RC on to hold the servo still.)

These two forums have a bit of info about the model. ... h=9140&p=1

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