1/8 Pocher Ferrari Testarossa

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1/8 Pocher Ferrari Testarossa



1/8 Pocher Ferrari Testarossa

Postby Mustang » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:25 pm

I finally managed to get a Pocher Testarossa, I know there's been build diaries already done on this so just seeing if it's of interest to other to do another.

I managed to get the model of £120, but it has some damage to the paint work and missing pieces, so I'll be stripping and repainting the whole kit, plus it all needs a real good clean as it was sitting in a garage for who now how long so all the plastic parts will be cleaned and primered and painted.

So after stripping it all down into bits, I made a list of all the missing or damaged bits.

Decals all damaged
Wing mirrors have damage to there base areas where they join the door. (Hoping to repair)
S12 Head light lens
E1 rear number plate holder
R19 exhaust tip
T3 & T9 front side lenses
I7 seat clip
I6 seat headrest back section
Seat belts
Gear stick knob (I'll just make one)
J2 & J3 door hinge parts
G4 door trim
I2 door trim

I managed to get most of the missing pieces and other extras from the USA,
New set of clear Perspex pieces from Germany.

But I need to find the two small side coloured Perspex bits for the front and possible new wing mirrors if I can't repair the ones I have.

I've also managed to get
Transkit for the engine which has over 400 bits.
Cockpit transkit.
Small transkit for some more of the cockpit.
New declas.

All that for less the £260.

I'm looking at doing some minor mod's like opening up the engine cover and adding a better grill and the rear and front grill areas and possible the side air in takes, and carpets.
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Re: 1/8 Pocher Ferrari Testarossa

Postby Mark » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:48 pm

Nice project Mustang. I built the kit oob when it was available retail in the 80s. It's an impressive model, but the engine is a bit basic. The transit will add a lot too it, as will a good paint job. Looking forward to seeing your progress as I'm sure you will turn it into a real masterpiece.

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Re: 1/8 Pocher Ferrari Testarossa Mirrors

Postby MODENAMAN » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:51 pm

If you search Pocher Ferrari Testarossa Wing Mirror on ebay there are quite a few on offer
Hope it helps
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