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Re: Pocher Ducati building tips

Postby 1299Panigale » Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:44 am

Thank you to all the posters with good advice on how to build this beautiful model. I have now almost finished it with just some decals and the lower side fairings to go onto the model.

This was my first go at a large diecast model but I have built many plastic planes, trains and automobiles....and motorcycles.
So my thoughts:
1. Probably a big ask for someone just starting out building models. Being a modeller I did have access to lots of tools, paints, glues etc.
2. The instructions can be confusing at times especially regarding all those wires. In some cases I just left them off as I probably wont be taking the fairings off. I would agree with downloading the parts manual and also the Pocher instructions so you can enlarge the pictures and print off.
3. Make sure you have a large enough area with good lighting. This thing gets big and heavy near the end.
4. Some items I glued in place rather than disassembled to gain access to the screw holes.
5. I did disassemble a few items due to mistakes. Thankful for things being screwed together.
6. As mentioned fitting the front fairing/mirrors is every bit as hard as pointed out by other posters. This was harder for me as I am recovering from a broken shoulder. So a few tips:
a. Pre-fit the screws into the mirrors stalks using bicycle oil to get them loose as possible.
b. Remove the heavy mirror bodies. You can fit them later.
c. Loosen the handlebar clamps to enable you to rotate them. You are going to need as much room as possible.
d. I would strongly recommend initially putting screws in the forward part of the windscreen only. I managed to crack my screen slightly. I thought about ordering a new one but I really really don't want to go through the fitting of this assembly again .
e. Make a special screwdriver. I used a screwdriver from a Tamiya kit. I shortened with a hacksaw and forced a nut over the remains of its plastic handle. I then knocked the metal shaft of the driver through the whole assembly so that the driver tip was only about a quarter inch ahead of the nut. This gave me something I could grip enough to turn the screws.
f. Use a wee bit of Blu Tak to hold the screws in place until you get some threads engaged. Gravity sucks.
This still took me all of an afternoon to complete single handed. Two people might do it quicker but there would be a lot of cussing going on.

I hope to post a bunch of photos which I took as I completed each stage. I will add the pictures to this as time permits so hang in there :D

Here goes. To get my hand in I decided to just build the stand.


Lessons learned. The kit supplied screw driver is not much chop. I dived into my main motorcycle kit and found a decent driver. Plus I had a smaller Fullers one that did good service. I would usually dip the screw threads in bicycle oil. I did not require any taps nor did I break any screws. I did shorten a small number.

I did assemble some parts out of sequence for the same reason as the stand. Practice. The discs are a bit fiddly and be careful you get the spider facing the right way.
They do supply a few extra clips etc in case any go flying.


Here is a shot of the engine side cover with my attempt to display the oil level. I just used some sellotape with some clear orange paint. I looked at my own 1299 to get the correct angle to apply it.


Next engine block and throttle bodies. Nothing too hard here. Just double check you have the right part and orientation.


The assembled exhaust system:
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Re: Pocher Ducati building tips

Postby Mark » Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:59 am

Nice set of thoughts on the build. I agree, it would be quite a daunting kit for a beginner, but it's mainly screwed so it's quite forgiving of mistakes.
I agree about gravity too !! You could also try magnetising a screwdriver. Just wipe it across a fridge magnet a few times, always in the way direction though. It should pick up enough magnetism to hold a screw.

Looking forward to seeing the pics :D

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Re: Pocher Ducati building tips

Postby casper » Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:08 pm

looking forward to some photos, its a fantastic looking kit
casp :)
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